Spirit  Of The School

Whether it is individual human body or the larger cosmic body, it is essentially made of five elements of nature; namely Space, Earth, Water, Air and Fire. These have an inherent connection to every aspect of human life. It is in the lap of these five elements that one can become a complete individual. We, at KENNEDY GLOBAL, focus on incorporating the influence of these elements in all our actions. Like Space, the vastness of child’s mind enables him to stay objective, observe critically, and communicate effortlessly. Like Prithvi, the student inherits the collective power of balance, sense of giving, and a mutual respect towards each other. Like Water, they learn to be pure and pristine. Like Air, KENNEDY gives freedom to experience the living force, the intangible power, and influence with an unseen energy. Like Fire, we let the passion and vision blaze through the darkness, and also have the humility to sustain, assert and stay firm in the face of challenges in life.

Our Philosophy

The philosophy of the institution is founded on the belief that education is all about joyful learning. The curriculum is customized to be relevant to the current-day expectations of the professional world. Learning at KENNEDY GLOBAL is skill-based, child- centric student specific and growth oriented. The curriculum is dynamic, innovative and experimental, which makes the learning process an enlightening one; igniting the child’s natural curiosity to explore.

While the academics, sports and cultural activities are aimed at the personality development of the child, activities like national and religious festivals celebrated on the campus develop the mutual harmony and peaceful co-existence of students of different faiths. Group activities in the residential campus also induce the sense of brotherhood, caring and sharing.

School Profile

A modern Citadel of Learning:

KENNEDY HIGH the global school spreads over a sprawling 5 acre campus to provide the state-of-the art world class infrastructure and to create an amicable environment for the process of teaching and learning. KENNEDY GLOBAL is just a 30 minute drive from the heart of the city. The entire building is an architectural wonder. The structure of the school building is based on contemporary architectural design ensuring ultimate ambience and comfort.

The beauty of the whole campus is enhanced by the exquisite landscaping that adds an aesthetic touch to the towering structure. We take pride in providing a unique learning environment for our students. As you enter the premises, you feel you are in a different world. Everything you find here spreads an aura which is inexplicably distinct. The world where the pursuit of knowledge has the right ambience in a sprawling lush green spacious and luxurious campus with beautiful landscaping welcomes you. The regal edifice of the finest contemporary architecture in serene surroundings draws your attention to finer details in augmenting the compliance to the demand of grooming the global leaders. The campus is a thirty minutes drive from any significant part of the city and a close forty five minutes drive from Rajiv Gandhi International Airport. Despite being close to the city it is away from urban distractions and right from the entrance to any farthest point, security measures are meticulously planned to ensure the safety inside the campus.

Therefore for the discerning parent who is keen about gifting his/her precious child a rewarding childhood, KENNEDY GLOBAL is a natural choice.


  • Location of the school in a pleasant atmosphere.
  • Built up area of 2,50,000Sq.ft.
  • Highly qualified, trained and experienced teachers.
  • Senior secondary school affiliated to CBSE (Classes I to XII).
  • Authorized centre for Cambridge International Examinations from Grade 1 to A Level.
  • Integrated Foundation Course for IIT/JEE; spacious classrooms with limited strength and individual locker facilities for students.
  • Large amphitheatres for conferences, seminars and group activities, spacious playgrounds for tennis, volleyball, basketball, badminton etc.
  • Well-lit indoor games room facility.
  • Swimming pool of custom size and frequent water changing facility.
  • Dressing rooms for children at swimming pool.
  • Air-conditioned indoor auditorium for cultural activities.
  • Hygienically maintained large air conditioned dining hall.
  • Multi-cuisine menu recommended by dietician.
  • State of the art computer laboratories with high-end systems with dedicated broad bandwidths.
  • Well-planned fine arts wings.
  • English language laboratories for honing communication skills.
  • Well stocked library with reading area, reference & periodical sections separately.
  • Balanced focus on all developmental traits.
  • Remedial classes for low achievers.
  • Periodical Parent teacher interactions.
  • Full time professional counsellor, to guide the students in optimizing their performance.