The children were asked to bring their favourite toys for the ‘toys day out’ activity. They all enjoyed sharing their views and experiences about their toy with their friends. This helped them in developing their social and communication skills.




The fresher’s party was the time to showcase the special talents that children possess. The party was celebrated with great vigour and enthusiasm. The awards for ‘Master and Miss Fresher’ along with other category awards, made the children perform their best in a very friendly and avid manner.



Anti Drug Day

Guest Lecture by Mrs. Vijaya Bharathi




KENNEDY laid a platform for the children to come up with their hidden talents which can be groomed further to perfection. The students showcased their abilities in different areas like singing, dancing painting etc., Their enthusiasm gave way for further such endeavors.




Van Mahotsav Week was observed from 2nd July to 7th July. As a part of the celebrations, the 8th Grades highlighted the importance of forests; as they provide livelihoods, support diverse ecosystems on land, maintain soil fertility, thus making the planet come alive. The students urged environmentalists, citizens and community groups to find a common ground and come together to save our forests. The assembly concluded with a dance performance which endorsed our commitment in saving our trees and environment.




“I hate race discrimination most intensely and in all its manifestations. I have fought it all during my life; I fight it now, and will do so until the end of my days.” These were the words told by a very great personality, Mr. Nelson Mandela, whose birth anniversary is celebrated the world over on the 18th of July. The students of Grade 6B showcased the racist policies of the white minority governments in South Africa, the discrimination the blacks had to face during their regime and the principles by which Nelson Mandela lived and vowed by, until his death in December, 2013. Truly a great leader, this Nobel Peace prize winner, is a great inspiration to many of us.



Diya Activity

As part of Diwali celebrations, the students were asked to bring an earthen lamp along with accessories to decorate it. The students carried out this activity very enthusiastically and transformed the ordinary, dull looking diyas into attractive ones. They were marvelled to see their piece of creativity.



English Activity- Grade 3 to 9 (1st week)

Students had to make CLASS LEAFLET of poems, jokes, puzzles or riddles as a group activity which enhanced their team spirit.



English Activity- Grade 3 to 9 (2nd week)

Students were divided into two groups where one group had to interview the other group whose members came in the guise of FAMOUS PERSONALITIES .Children enjoyed interviewing the personalities and improved their conversation skills.



English Activity- Grade 3 to 9 (3rd week)

A RADIO SHOW was conducted where few students were radio jockeys, celebrities, jingle singers and audience. Students could enhance their communication skills and spontaneity.



Hindi & Telugu Role Play

A Hindi Role Play competition was conducted for the students of Grade 1 and 2. The theme for Grade 1 students was ‘Community Helpers’ and that for Grade 2 was ‘Great Soldiers’. The zeal and enthusiasm of the students was aptly visible. The students not only came dressed as per their thematic characters but also spoke short dialogues indicating how they help the community or serve the country.



World Hello Day

Bonjour! Ola! Ciao! The purpose of World Hello Day is to promote peace all over the world, and bridge barriers between every nationality. Grade 1B students of Cambridge conducted a special assembly to promote this day. They brought forth the importance of this day and taught the students how to say ‘Hello’ in different international languages. They also urged the audience to reach out to at least 10 people to say hello and give them a ‘good day’ greeting.



Children’s Day Celebration

Children\’s day is celebrated on Pandit Nehru\’s birthday as a day of fun& frolic and celebration of childhood. Keeping the tradition alive, the teachers of Cambridge Wing dedicated this day for pampering their students with an interesting variety entertainment program. After the visual treat the children were presented Butterfly kits (educational assembly kits). The students not only enjoyed the program hosted by the teachers but also assembled the butterfly kit and indulged in fun game with their friends.



Ice Breaking activities (June 2015)

Ice Breaking activities : The students of Grade 1 & 2 were involved in various Ice Breaking Activities like Coloring, Treasure hunt, Collage making, Toys day out, Clay Molding etc. These activities were organized to transit the students from the vacation mode into the streamline school mode.



Freshers’ Party

Freshers’ Party : A Formal ‘Welcome Party’ called the Freshers’ party was organised for Grade 1 & 2 in June. The students came dressed in formal wear. They enjoyed playing different games and showcased their talents in music and dance. It was a ‘meet and mingle’ opportunity for the newcomers too. The tiny tots enjoyed every bit of the event!



Talent Hunt

Talent Hunt-‘Kennedy’s Got Talent’ :The students from grade 3 to 9 of Cambridge wing were given the opportunity to display their inherent talents on the platform of a ‘Talent Hunt’ – Kennedy’s Got Talent. The students presented their hidden abilities in different categories like singing, dancing with props, vegetable craft, nail art, Mehendi, Musical Instruments, Craft and Magic Show. The event was a grand success!!



Class Leaflet Preparation

English House activity – ‘Class Leaflet Preparation’ : Students of Grade 3-8 participated in the English House activity – ‘Class Leaflet Preparation’. The objective of the activity was to enhance vocabulary, communication, team work and creativity of the students. Eager and elated, students tapped their literary skills and wrote poems, slogans, short stories, crossword, tongue twisters etc. in the class leaflet, thus making it a piece of creativity!



Chocolate Day

Grade 3B conducted an assembly on the “Chocolate Day” on 7th July 2015. The students presented the assembly with a beautiful chart “Life is like a chocolate box”. Students also talked about its origin from cocoa tree and benefits and drawbacks of eating it.



Science House Activity – Grade 3 – 6

Science House Activity-HEALTHY DIET was conducted on 7th July 2015 for Grades 3-6 to instil healthy eating habits in students. Research shows students learn better when they’re well nourished. Healthy eating has been linked to higher grades, better memory, more alertness, faster information processing and improved health leading to better school attendance. Students learned the importance of “Healthy Diet “and enjoyed the activity.



Mock Parliament (July 2015)

Grade 7 and 8 conducted a Mock Parliament on 14th July 2015. The objective of the activity was to make students aware of the functioning of the Parliament. The opposition was raising questions and putting allegations on the ruling party and the ministers were seen explaining their point of view. The performances of the pupils proved that they are aware of what is happening in Indian politics and across the country.