Lumiere (Expo- Secondary wing)  (2017-18)

Lumiere (Expo) was organized on 10th February, 2018 by Secondary wing.

Ignite – 4 (Expo- Primary wing)  (2017-18)

Ignite – 4 (Expo) was organized on 8th February, 2018 by Primary wing.

 Republic Day Celebrations (2017-18)

Republic Day was celebrated on 26th January, 2018.

 International Financial Olympiad (2017-18)

International Finance Olympiad is an initiative to make young learners familiar with the need and art of managing money. It is expected that gradually the adolescents shall inculcate the habit of analyzing finance in their day to day life and shall strive for savings and shall also invest their available resources to multiply their worth. School has an important role in introducing newer concepts and making students part of such campaign.

This is our second year into the world of finance with the student participation of our 200 in both the years. We are also proud to say that last year our student, Soukarya Saha, was the Regional Round winner.

 A Visit to Nehru Zoological Park (Zoo), Hyderabad (2017-18)

The Primary children visited the Nehru Zoological Park, Hyderabad on 22nd December, 2017.

 Annual Day Celebrations (2017-18)

Annual Day was celebrated on 9th & 10th December, 2017 by CBSE wing and CIE wing.

 Children’s Day Celebrations (2017-18)

Children’s Day was celebrated on 14th November, 2017 by CBSE wing and CIE wing.

 Vigilance Awareness Week (2017-18)

Vigilance Awareness  Week (30th October to 4th November, 2017) was observed in KHGS. The students & staff took the Integrity Pledge.  Various events like Story Telling, Elocution, Poster & Cartoon Making and Nukkad Natak were held during the Awareness Week. Theme: My Vision-Corruption Free India.

 Mock Fire Drill (2017-18)

A Training Programme on Disaster Management, Fire Safety and Mock Fire Drill  conducted by the Fire Department, Kukatpally Division. on Friday, 27th October, 2017.

 English Workshop  (2017-18)

English Workshop was conducted on 4th October, 2017 for all  English Language Teachers (CBSE & CIE),  by Mr. John D’Souza from The English Advantage, Mumbai.

Field Trip to  Rajasthan (2017-18)

Filed Trip to Rajasthan on 22nd September, 2017.

 Bathukamma Utsavalu  (2017-18)

Bathukamma Utsavalu  was celebrated on 19th September, 2017 by Primary Wing (CBSE) & CIE Wing.

 Telangana Rashtra Basha Dinotsavam (2017-18)

Telangana Rashtra Basha Dinotsavam was celebrated on 9th September, 2017 by Telugu Department.

 Teachers’  Day Celebrations (2017-18)

Teachers’ Day was organized on 06th September, 2017.

 Independence Day Celebrations (2017-18)

Independence Day was celebrated by Social Science Department on 15th August, 2017.

 Hindi Workshop (2017-18)

Hindi Workshop was conducted on 11th August, 2017 by Hindi Department

 Investiture  Ceremony (2017-18)

Investiture Ceremony was conducted by Sports Department on 09th August, 2017.

 Resonance 2017

Resonance 2017 (second literary fest) was conducted by English Department on 02nd August, 2017.

  French Day Celebration (2017-18)

French Day was celebrated on 25th July, 2017 by French Department .

 Vanmahotsav (2017-18)

Van Mahotsav conducted by Social Science Department on 21st July, 2017

Vanmahotsav- Primary wing (2017-18)

Vanmahotsav:- “Plant a tree, plant a life”. This has been rightly said as the needs of all the living beings are fulfilled by them. But the constant cutting of trees all over the world has become a major problem adversely affecting our survival. To create awareness on this issue students of class III CBSE wing celebrated Tree Plantation Day in the school on 10th July 2017. The students enthusiastically planted saplings with a dream of creating a green environment. Principal Mrs. Jaishree Rao and Pirmary co-ordinator Mrs. O.Vijavanthi graced the occasion by planting saplings. Principal Mrs. Jaishree Rao encouraged the students to grow & protect trees as they play a vital role in maintaining the ecological balance, she also highlighted the need for planting and conserving trees as trees are best medium to prevent global warming and reduce pollution. Students displayed their creativity by making posters & slogan writing for saving trees. The future world lies in the hands of young minds Vanmahotsav celebration had sowed the need for achieving, “The green world” in the near future.


International Day of Yoga (2017-18)

International Day of Yoga: KENNEDY HIGH the global school, Bachupally celebrated International Day of Yoga, on 21st June, 2017 in the presence of our Chairman, Mr. S.J.Reddy, Director, Mr. Subba Reddy, Principal, Ms. Jaishree Rao and Vice Principal, Mr. Rajasekhar. Students enthusiastically participated and performed different yoga asanas. The benefits of these asanas were highlighted. The program ended with a vote of thanks by Mr. Arokianathan, HOD, Phy. Edn. Dept.

National Integration Day

National Integration Day People with clenched fists cannot shake hands These were the words of the Iron Lady of India, Shrimati Indira Gandhi. Her political skills & sheer will power played a vital role in reshaping India. As part of paying tribute to her, her birth anniversary (19th November) is celebrated as the National Integration Day. The versatile students of KENNEDY HIGH the global school of class IX-A presented an assembly themed – Integration and paid due respect to the enigmatic personality by unravelling her selfless deeds. A motivation driven though initiated this venture. Students were enlightened about the importance of the occasion and shared the same vision of a united India. Slam Poetry’ – A never done before act, captivated minds through a inactive presentation on – ‘Life without Integration’. A melodious song on togetherness followed. The synchronizing harmonies of ‘We are the world’ garnered gap louse from the viewers and brought an end to the well – executed assembly. – Sakshi Updhyay, Vatsal Garg, IX-A

2nd International Day of Yoga (2016)

KENNEDY HIGH the global school celebrated 2nd International Day of Yoga on 21st June, 2016. Mr. Ganesh Chary, H.O.D. Physical Education welcomed the gathering and spoke about the significance of Yogasanas and their benefits, Chairman, Sri S.J.Reddy, Principal, Ms. N.K.Radhika spoke about the importance of Yoga in day to day’s human life. Mass Yoga demonstration was organized for the students of class VI to X Under the guidance of Yoga instructors, students practised and displayed Vajrasana, Bhujangasana, Paschimothasana, Dhanurasana, Thadasana and Veerabhadrasana followed by meditation.

Hindi Workshop

Hindi Workshop Hindi workshop was conducted on Thursday, 23rd June, 2016. The workshop started with the lighting of lamp by the Chairman, Sri S.J.Reddy followed by a welcome speech by the Principal, Ms. N.K.Radhika. The resource person, Dr. Ravi Prakash Gupt is a renowned educationist of Hindi language and grammar and author of many Hindi Grammar Books. More than 170 Hindi teachers from 63 schools participated in this workshop. It was a golden opportunity for these teachers to update with the latest teaching methods and gain knowledge on the various aspects of Hindi language.



 Elections at KENNEDY GLOBAL: It is a well known phrase that democracy is of the people, by the people and for the people. This was truly proved at KENNEDY HIGH the global school where fair elections were conducted in the Primary wing of CBSE. All the students of classes IV and V participated in the voting process and got their fingers inked to select their favourite Primary Head Boy and Head Girl and Deputy Head Boy and Head Girl.

 Seenchan-Nurturing The Nature

We celebrated Vanamahotsav on 5th July, 2016, our honourable Chairman, Sri S.J.Reddy and beloved Principal Ms. N.K.Radhika coordinators and students highlighted the occasion by planting saplings on the school grounds, followed by a melodious song serenaded by the students of the secondary wing on the importance of making the earth greener. An entertaining yet inspirational “Nukkad Natak” (Street play) by the students of classes IX and X portrayed how deforestation has adverse effects not only on mankind but on all forms of life.


Resonance 2016

July 21, 2016 saw the corridors of KENNEDY HIGH the global school buzzing with the eclectic charm of enthusiastic students and teachers as ‘Resonance 2016,’ their Maiden Literary Fest was declared open. This Interschool Competition aimed at showcasing students’ literary, creative, collaborative, public speaking, negotiation, and debating skills. The inaugural program, a precursor to the upcoming bonanza, was presided over by the honorable Chairman, Mr. S. Jamala Reddy and Principal, Mrs. N.K. Radhika. The luminaries focused on the importance of holistic development for students and the need to introduce skill-based education in our classrooms. There was a overwhelming excitement throughout the school premises as contestants participated enthusiastically in various activities. The Mad Ads quarters were pure fun while the debate arena was sizzling with passionate and razor sharp arguments. Language Hub brought out the best of each contestant. The best applause was reserved for the Shakespearean Drama. Eloquest and Illuminate, the oration and elocution segments, saw a nail-biting finish. As the event came to a glorious conclusion, Resonance left a resounding sense of fulfillment. We realized, once again, the power of Language, as a tool to unite, progress, and develop a skillful India and an empowered youth.

Investiture Ceremony (2016)

11th Investiture ceremony was celebrated on July 20, 2016. In a ceremony befitting our vibrant young leaders, 67 students were invested with various leadership roles. The event began with the ceremonial flag hoisting by the Chairman, Sri S. Jamala Reddy. He congratulated the newly elected student cabinet and advised them to be prudent in their conduct and set the highest standards of personal excellence through their actions. The Principal, Mrs. N.K. Radhika, in her address, guided the students to be advocates of the right cause and ambassadors of the school. The student council was then invested formally. Rohith Bachu and G.Vineesha Reddy were invested as the Head Boy and Head Girl of the CBSE Wing . Avinash Kesari and Akshita Penmetsa were invested as the Head Boy and Head Girl of the CIE Wing. Venkat Sai and Sanika Kadam of CBSE, Vishwa Chandra Sai G. and Shreya Guda of CIE were invested as Deputy Head Boy and Deputy Head Girl. The CIE coordinator, Mr. B.M.Subramanya Swamy, CBSE Academic Coordinator, Mr. Rajshekhar, Primary Coordinator, Mrs. Vijayvanthi, and Physical Education HOD, Mr. Ganesh Chary, congratulated the student cabinet members on their appointment.

Independence Day Celebration (2016)

INDEPENDENCE DAY CELEBRATIONS ‘Thousands laid down their lives so that our country breathes in – ‘Freedom’. KENNEDY HIGH the global School celebrated the 70th Independence Day in a solemn and resolute patriotic hue. Our Revered Chairman Sir, Sri S J Reddy hoisted the tricolor to mark the accentuated spirit of Freedom. As the Indian Flag unfurled amidst the notes of the National Anthem, Patriotism enveloped the ambience. Thereafter, the students were enlightened by the inspirational words of the Chairman, Sri S J Reddy, on Freedom- its meaning and value. The Principal, Mrs N K Radhika addressed the gathering with her motivational thoughts on optimism and aspiration towards making India an Ideal Country, followed by cultural program.



 Food Activity Class I CBSE

 Food Activity Class I CBSE: Class I CBSE has organized food activity on 29th July, 2016. Students were advised to bring two different healthy food items. The activity focused not only on inculcating table manners among all students, but also on many aspects such as dining etiquette, importance of nutrition’s, good food habits, exposure to different kinds of food etc has been emphasized. Apart from this it was an Inter Disciplinary activity topics like colours, one-many, additions how to serve have been taught. Students enjoyed eating different kinds of food. They individually thanked each and every parent for preparing such a delicious food. The students learnt many valuable things through this activity.

 Inter House Dance Competition- Janamashtami

 Inter House Dance Competition- Janamashtami: The Inter House Dance Competition of classes 3rd and 4th of Primary Wing (CBSE) was organized in the school auditorium on 25th August, 2016 on the auspicious occasion of Lord Krishna’s birth. This being the day of Janmashtami, the theme of the competition was to showcase and celebrate the life of Lord Krishna in various avatars. The occasion had turned the entire environment divine where in the children dressed up as Krishna, Radha and Gopikas were attired in very colourful costumes and were ready to perform with zeal and enthusiasm. The dances were mesmerizing which enthralled the spectators who were spell bound by the various dance sequences performed. The competition culminated with the words of encouragement by the Principal, Mrs. N.K.Radhika she appreciated and exhorted the children for their untiring efforts in making the competition a visual treat and a grand success.

 Rakhi Making Activity

Rakshabandan is a festival of bonding between a brother and sister. To mark this auspicious festival, a Rakhi Making activity was conducted by students of class I (CBSE), on 18th August. The aim was to make the students understand that Rakshabandhan is not only a day of tying a Rakhi and receiving gifts but also an occasion to share the moments of joy and sorrows between a brother and sister. It signifies the promise to help each other throughout their lives. The students were divided into groups and were given the material to prepare Rakhi. Their zeal and enthusiasm was evident in the smile on their faces as they started with the activity. Their tiny fingers twirled and twisted the threads with care and eventually came up with colourful rakhis, enwrapped with their unconditional love and innocence. The boys in the group willingly helped the girls in making rakhis for their brothers while the subject of excitement in the girls’ chatter was how they would surprise their brothers back home, with their priceless creation. The activity not only explored their creative skills but also strengthened the bond between a brother and sister.


INTERNATIONAL CAREER GUIDENCE AT KENNEDY HIGH: A counseling session on International education and student success was organized for CBSE & CIE students of classes XI and XII and AS Level (CIE) on 31st August, 2016, at KENNEDY HIGH the global school. A team of experts and professor from various universities and colleges of USA guided the students about the bright prospects in various fields like engineering, medicine, art and knowledge abroad. Benjamin Martin the Assistant Director of college counseling, the International knowledge center initiated the whole process. Students enthusiastically participated in the one to one session with the experts and gained a lot of knowledge. It was overall a very informative session for aspirants who could explore the opportunities available in various universities to continue their education abroad.


 Bathukamma Celebration (2016)

Bathukamma Celebration (2016) : KHGS celebrated Bathukamma on 29th September, 2016. The students participated in various events like prayer song, devotional song, traditional dance and Rangoli, hereby proving that Bathukamma is the iconic culture and identity of Telangana.

 MUN for all and all for MUN

MUN for all and all for MUN: When the whole world is silent, even one voice becomes powerful. – Malala Yousufzai KENNEDY HIGH the global school organized ‘Model United Nations’ (MUN) on 27th October, 2016. The agenda of this session was ‘Narcotics’. More than 100 students from classes VIII to X participated in this event. The session commenced with an impressive address by the Deputy Secretary General. This was followed by the proceedings of the General Assembly which included a formal debate, moderated caucus, unmoderated caucus, drafting of the resolution, voting and finally, the passing of the resolution. Stimulating interactions during the debate enlightened the students about the working of the UN. This session served as a forum for students to showcase their debating skills, critical thinking and leadership abilities. The experience left the students with a treasure trove of knowledge and kindled a thought process that resonated with promises of creating a better world !

 Children’s Day Celebrations (2016)

 Gala Galore: Louis de Bernieres had said, “Childhood is the only time in our lives when insanity is not only permitted to us, but expected.” It is on the 14th of every November, that this insanity is celebrated ! At KENNEDY HIGH the global school pencils and textbooks took a back seat as children basked in the carefree love that teachers showered upon them. Exquisitely crooned melodies and delightful dance performances by the proverbial guiding lights lit beaming smiles on every excited face. This gala was coupled with a thoughtful social message. A mime act on ‘Save Food – Eat responsibly’ had every tiny head bobbing in concurrence. The icing of on this scrumptious cake was the ‘COMIC CON’ organized on the premises. This was a maiden Endeavour that children indulged in whole heartedly. Stalls ranging from ‘Harry Potter’ and ‘Percy Jackson’ to those of ‘DC and Marvel Comics’ and ‘Anime’ were brimming with bubbling children. Evidently, it was a successful affair marking yet another of the millions that would be photographed and shelved in the memories of childhood.

 Khelotsav-2016 (4th Sports Day)

 KHELOTSAV -2016:- Sportsmanship, Team Spirit and Agility were brought alive at the Gachibowli Athletic Stadium, as the students of KENNEDY HIGH the global school celebrated their 4thAnnual Sports day on December 10th, 2016. The ace Badminton player, Ms. Jwala Gutta was the Chief Guest of the spectacular event. The virtuoso sports player emphasized on the importance of Sports and its inclusion in our lifestyle so that we tread towards a healthy India! She highlighted parental support as a pivotal and inevitable factor in the making of a sportsperson. Chairman, KENNEDY HIGH the global school, Sri S J Reddy focused on the ineffaceable impact of Sports in character building. He stated that Sports is an integral tool for Women Empowerment too! The Principal, Mr. Subrata Nag, assimilated the value of Sports and its impact on adolescents and youngsters, encouraging them to make sports, as their hobby. The flawless ensemblance of vigorous track events, Discus and Javelin throws, various athletic events, zealous Marshall art, sand peace rendering Yogic mudras, left the audience spellbound! KHELOTSAV-2016 received reverberating applause from the audience for the nail biting sports events lined with dazzling cultural events! The magnificent marvel drew to a close with the announcement of the Overall winners of events followed by the Vote of Thanks, rendered by the Head of the Sports Dept., Mr. Ganesh Chari. The lustrous smile adorned on the beaming faces of the participants proved that Kennedians believe in Sportsmanship, more than Winning and Losing!


12th Annual Day Celebrations 2016-17

A CONFLUENCE OF TALENTS AND SKILLS:-KENNEDY HIGH the global school presented a euphoric mélange of customs and culture as it celebrated its 12th Annual Day, “Sanchay, The Confluence” on December 17, 2016. The event was a spectacular panorama of diverse outlooks and beliefs. Students painted the landscape with their exuberant performances and presented a magnificent fusion of dances from around the world. Renowned Pediatrician, Dr. Lokesh Lingappa, who was the Chief Guest for the grand event, complemented the management on their commitment towards imparting holistic education and appreciated the students for their collective efforts. The cultural bonanza was an eclectic assortment of foot-tapping dances and carefully choreographed programs. Students of Pre-Primary, class I, II, and III grooved to immaculate perfection and brought the audience down with their enthusiastic preparation. The 12th Annual Day was uniquely conceptualized and executed to bring out the various dimensions of an interdependent civilization to the forefront. The Confluence of emotions, talents, and skills encapsulated the essence of ‘Sanchay’ and helped the students gain a global perspective in a musical, eclectic way.

Republic Day Celebrations 2017

Republic Day Celebrations 2017: Republic Day celebrations were held at KENNEDY HIGH the global school on a grand scale. The Chairman of the institution, Sri S.Jamala Reddy, unfurled the National Flag. He urged all students to embark on the righteous path paved by leaders of the country. The students show- cased their patriotic fervour through a variety of cultural programmes. A special tribute was paid to Bharat Mata, its soldiers and martyrs through a heart touching ballet. Today if we are safe and independent, it is because of our soldiers who put their life at risk to safeguard the border and the country. The dance and ballet was really motivating & inspiring for all the students.