Inauguration of NIIT Nguru Math Lab by Viswanathan

“Few have the power to bend history,” Well, the Students of KENNEDY HIGH the global school tried to etch their name in history when they had a date with the Living Legend of Chess, Grandmaster Vishwanathan Anand on the occasion of the inauguration of the NIIT Nguru Math Lab Plus on Saturday, December 19, 2014. This is a high-end state-of-the art learning tool that integrates the fundamental concepts of mathematics in an interactive and stimulating manner. For the entire student and teaching fraternity at KENNEDY HIGH the global school, this was a one-of-a kind moment when they had a chance to interact with the Grandmaster at a personal level and gain insight into his great persona. The students of KENNEDY GLOBAL presented a colorful inaugural program on this occasion. Chairman, Sri S.J. Reddy; Directors, Sri Sudhakar Rao, Sri Subba Rao, Dr. Jaipal Reddy; Professor Shiv Kumar, Principal of the Malla Reddy Group of colleges; Associate Vice President of NIIT Ltd., Mr. Venkata Ravi Kumar and Principal Mrs. N.K. Radhika graced the momentous occasion and reflected upon the tremendous opportunity that was made available to the student fraternity. They were extremely thankful and appreciative of the chess master’s gracious acceptance of their invitation. Dr. Jaipal Reddy, in his address to the students, compared Vishwanathan Anand to the ‘God’ of chess and thanked him profusely for his visit. Principal, Mrs. N.K. Radhika thanked Mr. Anand for his generosity and advised the students to learn the essential skills of dedication, perseverance, and humility from the great legend. The inaugural ceremony was followed by a highly interactive session with students, parents, and the media. The Great Master, displaying immense benevolence, agreed to play a game of chess with budding chess players. The event saw the master at his best-calm, composed, the ever-smiling countenance intact at all times, yet focused and alert to the core. Needless to say, this visit by Chess Legend Vishwanathan Anand worked like an elixir for all of us. Thank you, Mr. Anand. You have won again, this time, with your humility, and your grace.



Math Week Celebrations

KENNEDY HIGH the global school, Hyderabad celebrated the Mathematics week with full zeal and pomp from 16th to 22nd December to commemorate the birth anniversary of Shri. Srinivasa Ramanujan, the great mathematician and to actively promote interest of students in Mathematics and its application by promoting Mathematics. The week was fun filled for both the teachers and the students as the teachers left no stone unturned to bring out the creativity and Math skills of the students. The main attraction of the whole week was inauguration of the Math Lab on 19th December, 2014, by world famous, eminent personality Shri. Vishwanathan Anand, the chess legendry, famous for his outstanding moves on the board. He inspired the students by sharing his experience and motivating them to enhance their knowledge and ability for Math. He appreciated the efforts put in by the management to come up with such a great lab, which has sophisticated tools to teach simple and practical concepts. The lab is designed in collaboration with NIIT Nguru Math Lab Plus and the teachers shall make use of the innovative methods designed and break the monotony of regular class room and teach the students by a creative approach learning by doing. Math Lab also brings the joy of learning Mathematics. It provides an opportunity to improve critical and analytical thinking, to face and accept challenges related to Math. Even provides a platform for collaborative, peer to peer learning acknowledge sharing. The week started with Group Discussion on the topic “Experience sharing on Innovation”. The discussion was initiated by the teachers and the students actively shared their real time experience for the same. Essay writing Competition was conducted on 17th December on the topic ‘Uses of Mathematics in various aspects of life’. All the students of classes III to VIII of the CBSE wing wrote creative poems to highlight the usefulness of Math in day today life. Students of class 8 C also presented a special assembly on the same. Mathematics Department organized Math Quiz for the students of all the classes on 18th December to test their mental ability. To develop more interest in the subject, the students of both the primary and middle school participated in Origami contest, poster making contest and puzzle creation and presented an Expo on the remaining days. A special assembly was presented on 22nd of December, to honour the great mathematician Shri. Srinivasa Ramanujan and the students read out the best poem on stage marking the end of a week celebration



National Mother Tongue Day

Mother tongue—the language of the heart and mind. Mother tongue is the language of expression that a child inherits from home. It is that fundamental expression that is unique to him or her. It is vital to preserve our language along with learning foreign languages. It is with this purpose that Mother Tongue Day, or Matribhasha Divas was celebrated on February 21, 2015 at KENNEDY HIGH the global school. A total of 12 languages; Hindi, Marathi, Gujrathi, Malayalam, Tamil, Oriya, Telugu, Bengali, Punjabi, Urdu, Santhali, and Kannada and 100 students from classes 3 to 9 were chosen as representatives for this activity. Teams were divided according to their mother tongue. A teacher in-charge, who also belonged to the same group, was asked to facilitate the activities. On the 21st, the respective groups went to their teachers, and interacted with them in their native language. The purpose of this interaction was to find out: a. How many students knew how to speak, read, and write in their native language b. Where do they practice their language? c. Are they familiar with literature or famous people and art from their language d. Do they watch cartoons or read any other text in their language? e. What are the steps that their parents are taking to make them proficient in their language? After this brief interaction, students took a rally around the school and spoke to students about the benefits of learning and enhancing proficiency in their native language. They met the school principal, chairman, and other language teachers. Various witting and speaking activities were conducted on that day for promotion and enhancement of Mother Tongue Language. Students had a unique taste of having conversations in their language with multiple groups in an interactive way.



Van Mahotsav (2015)

‘If we protect the trees, trees will protect us’ keeping in view the above statement ‘Van Mahotsav’ was celebrated at KENNEDY HIGH the global school on July 10th with lot of excitement and enthusiasm. Principal Mrs. N.K.Radhika and the School Co-ordinators planted the saplings in the school premises. Later the students from classes VI to X were taken to the Bachupally Cross Roads to distribute 300 saplings to the people free of cost to spread awareness about importance of saving trees. Children learnt the joy of giving their share of service for the noble cause.



National Icecream Day (2015)

National Icecream day (21-7-2015) “Life is like an icecream; enjoy it before it melts” National Icecream day is celebrated on 3rd Sunday of July every year. This is first introduced in united states of America. This day is a fun celebration enjoyed with the favourite flavor of ice creams. Icecream is a good choice when you need energy. It has vitamins, minerals and calcium. It relaxes nervous system. At the same time taking too much of icecream causes obesity as it contains saturated fat. It is high in sugar and full of cholesterol.



Aim High and Reach The Stars (2015)

AIM HIGH AND REACH THE STARS: On July 31st, the students of KENNEDY GLOBAL Class X-A got a magnificent opportunity to present an assembly on three main themes – NASA Anniversary, Guru Purnima and a tribute to Dr. A.P.J.Abdul Kalam. They started off with a Pavitra Sloka “Guru Brahma Guru Vishnu” and a felicitation to our beloved Principal Mrs. N.K.Radhika who is a great teacher. The students presented an enlightening thought by Abdul Kalam from Arbaaz, and a brief Review of NASA Anniversary. They concluded the assembly with a skit which was based on the poem “Pursuit of Happiness” written by Mr. Kalam and potrayed the theme- NEVER SAY DIE.



Kargil Vijaya Divas (2015)

A day dedicated to heroes of the Kargil War: ‘ Freedom isn’t free, when soldiers have to die for it’. The students of class 6 C came forward with a presentation to mark the ”Kargil Divas’- a day dedicated to the unsung heroes of the Kargil War. Enwrapped in respect and patriotism , the students shared information about the ‘Reason and Result’ of Kargil War. Further, they enacted the hair raising war scenes which depicted the atrocities of war and elevated the sacrifice of the Indian soldiers in saving their motherland. The dramatic presentation was followed by a soulful patriotic song. The emotive assembly concluded with a poem written and recited by one of the students. The students were proud of the soldiers who sacrificed their lives for their country. It has been rightly said that-‘Wars may come and go but soldiers remain eternal; because they fight bravely so that their countrymen sleep peacefully’.



Elections of the Primary Wing (2015)

Elections of the Primary Wing: The students of classes IV and V of CBSE wing exercised their right to vote by electing the cabinet members from among the nominated candidates for the post of Head Boy, Head Girl, Deputy Head Boy and Deputy Head Girl. The nominees were given an opportunity to voice out their thoughts, before the main elections. The students cast their votes enthusiastically in favour of the suitable candidates and finally elected Venkata Hriday of V-E as Junior Head Boy and Kavya Gupta of V-A as Junior Head Girl. Anirudh of IV-C and Krita Taral Desai of IV-E were elected as Deputy Junior Head Boy and Deputy Junior Head Girl respectively.



Investiture Ceremony (2015)

Investiture Ceremony: On August 12, 2015, KENNEDY HIGH the global school celebrated its 10th investiture ceremony. A decade of excellence and acumen was showcased in an exceptionally well-coordinated event, which was presided by the Chairman, Sri S. J. Reddy, and Principal, Mrs. N.K. Radhika. In a speech befitting the occasion, the chairman congratulated the newly elected cabinet members for their new roles and advised the student fraternity to stay on the path of honesty and maintain a moral code of conduct in every task they endeavor to take. The school cabinet took a solemn oath to live by the principles of the school and set a high benchmark of integrity and character for themselves and their peers. The Head Boy, Anish Uddaraju, and Head Girl, Shivani Rapolu exuded confidence and promised to shoulder the responsibility given to them with utmost sincerity.



Food Week Activity (2015)

Food Week Activity: Class I CBSE Food Week Activity was conducted from 17-08-2015 to 21-08-2015. In that the students were advised to get healthy food items according to the given menu chart. The objective is to inculcate: Etiquettes, Table manners, values, good food habits, balance diet, to eat different kinds of food and to avoid junk food. The children were excited and enjoyed eating variety of food. We would appreciate the parents if they continue the same, as food plays an important role in our daily life. A balance diet is advised for the children daily, since concentration develops only with a proper balanced diet. Avoid bakery food / junk food as “Healthy citizens are need of the hours for this country”.



Sanskrit Diwas Celebration (2015)

Sanskrit Diwas was celebrated on 24th August, 2015 with great enthusiasm. Morning Assembly was conducted by Sanskrit students which included dance on Saraswati Vandana, song based on the importance of Sanskrit Language and Bhagwatgeeta slokas. Sanskrit secretary Nivetha of class X spoke about importance of Sanskrit language. Later Sanskrt teacher Mrs. Amrita Ashana conducted Quiz for classes VIII-X students and Tambola for VI- X classes, IX and X students presented skit based on Indian culture. Students liked Quiz and Tambola very much. It was a great projection of our rich culture, heritage and language. At last literary secretary Rohan of class X presented the vote of thanks.



Teachers’ Day

Teachers\’ Day: At KENNEDY HIGH the global school, the students gave a heartwarming reception to their inspiring mentors by presenting a bouquet of thoughtfully crafted programs and events. The event commenced with a soulful tribute to the ‘Philosopher President,’ Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan. Chairman, Sri S. J. Reddy, congratulated the vibrant group of enthusiastic teachers in the gathering and commended them for the multi-faceted roles that they perform with diligence and passion. Principal, Mrs. N.K. Radhika, addressed the teachers about the irrefutable imprint they leave on civilization as a whole. These were followed by an array of cultural events by the students.



Ganesh Chaturthi Celebration (2015)

Ganesh Chaturthi – Primary Wing: The students of class III-E CBSE wing hosted an assembly on the auspicious occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi on Tuesday, 15th September, 2015. The students explained in confidence about the festival and how it was revived by Lokmanya Tilak. Prahlada and Pranav explained the significance of the festival in their speech. Hemanth was dressed as a Lord Ganesh, the elephant headed god which further added to the fervour. On the occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi a melodious innovacation was sung by the students with lots of devotion along with a dance performance. The whole atmosphere was charged with festivity. The students emphasised on eco-friendly ways of celebrating this festival. They also sensitized the students towards living in a harmony in a diverse culture.



Off To Save The Environment (2015)

Off To Save The Environment: The scholarly students of KENNEDY HIGH the global school represented the school for finals of the Envi Quiz held in Sanjeevaiah Park. About 25 schools and 200 teams participated in the vent. The students were categorized as sub-juniors, juniors and seniors. Sarah Raheja and Anushka M. of class VI stood 4th in sub junior category and Bhaanvi Jaggi and Sanjali V. of class VII stood 5th in junior category. The school also received trophy for maximum participation. They educated the students about the importance of medicinal plants and advised them to use natural colour for decorating Ganesha idols. They conducted a round called ‘Envi Fun’ which gave exposure to the students about medicinal plants and endangered animals. An interactive session was also held to enable the children realise the degrading state of the environment. The students were revived with new energy to take up the responsibility of making the mother Earth a better place to live !



Telangana Regional Confernece on ECCE

Telangana Regional Conference on Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE): The 1st Telangana Regional Conference on Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE) was held on 22nd August, 2015 at Delhi Public School, Nacharam. The conference highlighted on issues like vaccination and balanced diet which plays an important role in the physical and cognitive development of a child. Special parenting tips were shared with the audience. Teachers were advised to take the message NO-LTM (Laptop, T.V. and Mobile) and create an awareness among the parents. The Primary Wing Coordinator, Ms.Vijayavanthi and Class 1 Coordinator, Ms. Lakshmi Kumari, participated in this event.