Sand Play Activity

Sand play activity was conducted for PP I students on 23.06.2014. During the activity students filled sand in buckets and looked for the toys in the sand, making it a fun activity. Apart from enhancing their fine motor skills it also improved their social development.

 Rasna Party

Rasna party was organised on 27.06.2014 for the prep students. The whole environment was colourful and vibrant as the event was organized near the pool. It was a perfect blend of colours and natural beauty. Each class was representing one colour and flavor of Rasna. Students wore dresses of that particular colour. The students understood the colours, identification of fruits and their flavours. The process of making Rasna drink in the class made them understand the concept of measurement, mixing and recognition of colours. Overall, this celebration integrated health awareness, curricular reference and fun in a joyful way.

 Parent Interaction

Parent teacher interaction for PP II was on 7th June 2014 and PP I on 9th June 2014. The objective of the interaction was to give the parents an overview of the curriculum and activities that would be held in the school for the child’s development throughout the year.

Sports Day

On 1st August, 2014, the Pre Primary wing celebrated a sports meet on the school lawn. The highlights of the event were the inaugural parade by the four houses: Camellia, Blue Bells, Daffodil & Iris. Students also presented calisthenics which was a meticulously drafted synchronized show. All the Pre Primary students participated in this show with thematic races such as…… Potato Race: This was a game to check communication, team work and time management skills. Tunnel of Fun: Tunnel fun was a game which checked a child’s physical stamina and muscular fitness. Dry me out: To improve time management skills. Farmer Race: This race challenged the child’s ability to maintain poise. Hoope game: This game helped the children to improve their sense of direction and balance. Bucket of fun: This game improved the child’s ability to follow instructions. Yet again, it has been brought to light that school curriculum as well as activities play a critical role in a child’s development. Playing isn’t something that we do, It is a part of me and you.

Art Week

“Everyone is an artist,” was the motto behind conducting art week in the Pre-Primary wing, which was held from 4th August to 7th August, 2014. Students were introduced to primary colors and taught about proper use of crayons and water colors. To give wings to their imagination the activity was not theme based. Students were given colors and papers to paint in their own way. Through this activity young minds learnt to express their feelings using colors. Their motor skills, awareness of colors, shapes forms, lines and textures also got enhanced.

Field Trip

Field trip offers an on-site educational opportunities for students. In view of this, the prep wing visited an organic farm on 22nd August, 2014. During the farm trip, students explored how food is grown and what animals eat. Students experienced the natural would in a new way and understood the vital connection between the social, ecological, and economical importance of agriculture in their lives. It was an interactive educational program and ideal for children living in the city to understand the importance of nature.

Grandiose Day

Grandparents are special to every child. Their bed time stories are an integral part of everyone’s growing up years. Their knowledge is invaluable and their love unconditional. In honour of their contribution, KENNEDY GLOBAL prep school celebrated Grandiose Day on 26th September, 2014 i.e., Friday with the theme “OLD IS GOLD”. Tiny tots in their colourful attires were all excited to welcome their grandparents. They tapped their feet to the melodious tunes from 60’s and 70’s which held everyone captive and unfolded the little one’s love to their grandparents. It helped children to understand and value the relations and their grandparents’ presence in their lives.

Academic Project

The concluding PTM for the academic year 2014-15 held on 31.01.2015 was more than a regular Parent Teacher Meeting. It was on opportunity for the children to interact with the parents and portray their amalgamation of confidence & oratory skills. Rotational corner for science, Drama and Social arena was highlighted. While some were excited experimenting with solutions, others were nostalgic talking about great personalities. Children felt proud when they talked with great glory about their “Incredible India.” Kennedy whole heartedly thanks the parents for their presence. Their presence encouraged the students and built their confidence.

Extempore Competition

Speaking is easy as we all do it every day. But speaking well is a learned skill. Effective speakers are able to get things done in a more efficient manner. The Extempore Competition held on 13.02.2015 was a small foundation laid towards the development of this oral communication. The competition, apart from encouraging language skills, also focused on several other skills like understanding a new topic, active listening and non verbal communication like eye contact, facial expression, and body language. The competition aimed at building confident and credible speaking qualities and we hope we have succeeded to putting a step ahead through our endeavor.

Belly Laugh Day

Laughter is timeless. Imagination has no age and dreams are forever. It is said that life is better when we are laughing as it not only adds years to our life but adds life to our years and KENNEDY Prep believes that laughter is the fastest way to connect with people. With this intention, Belly Laugh Day was organised on 19th June, 2015. Characters like Charlie Chaplin, mischievous monkey and a Jolly Joker, were enacted by the teachers which showered bundles of joy, happiness and positive energy among the kids. The signature move of the day was the big smile on the faces of children as well as teachers, which stayed throughout the day. The smiley badges were proof of their resolve to smile everyday towards.

Balloons Day

“Nobody can be uncheered with a balloon” yes, balloon in any shape, form or colour always symbolizes fun and joy and brings immense happiness, when brought forth a child. That was the basic theme behind the celebration of Balloon Day on 26th June, 2015. The entire wing looked exuberant with colourful balloons all around spreading a unique message ….. for every problem you try to hide, let them go like a balloon in the sky. Like balloons, we too have one life – and to live it is to attempt to fly around the world.

Table Manners Week

Manners are the way To brighten up my day …………. Kennedy heartily believes this saying and incorporates the same in the Table Manner Week. It is said if you want to improve your etiquettes you should learn table manners first. Kennedy Global prep school organised the Table Manner Week with tri colour as theme keeping in mind the 69th Independence Day coming ahead. Children were demonstrated the correct ways to enjoy their meal.



Field trip to kidihou Children’s Museum

As a part of holistic learning experience a field trip to kidihou Children’s Museum was organised on 27th August, 2015. The trip was a happy break from the daily routine. It was an arena that provided every kid to experiment and explore in his or her unique way. The variety of unrestrained activities unleashed the different motor skills in a child. In other words, children were taken to a world with no restrictions.



Creativity Week

Creativity week opened a new horizon in a child by giving him an opportunity to invent, experiment, grow, take risks, break rules, make mistakes and have immense fun. Children were curious, flexible, persistent and independent with a tremendous spirit of adventure and loved to play. At the end of the creativity week, it was realised that creativity is not only making an “awesome out of simple” but learning to express oneself in different ways.


Leora’15 (Diwali Mela)

The festival of lights is beckoning us to usher in a vibrant ambience. Kennedy Global prep school organised Leora’15 on 31st October to mark this occasion. The event started with a melodious prayer song followed by a welcome song by the prep teachers and inauguration of Diwali Mela Leora’15 by the dignitaries. The event included creative zones, game zone, mouth watering & sumptuous food zone, Mehendi & Tatoo zone and Puppet zone. The highlight of the evening was Ethnic Flare where ebullient prep parents walked down the ramp in traditional ethnic attire. Leora’15 came to an end with a breath-taking Dandiya Dhamaka performance by the teachers; etching another memorable year in the pages of fun & fests of Kennedy.


Pleasure Trip to Dhola-ri-Dhani

On 20th November, 2015 students of the prep wing were exposed to the stimulating mix of cultural and ethnic awareness, adventure, fun & frolic when a pleasure trip to Dholari Dhani was organised. Dholari, Dhani, as the name suggests, is a Rajasthani theme based resort on the outskirts of Hyderabad. A wide variety of activities were showcased in front of the students from traditional Rajasthani dance, puppet show, magic tricks to gymnastic movements with wheels. Outdoor activities like camel ride, horse cart ride, DJ, were a real treat. The trip was an excellent way of orienting children about Rajasthan, its art, folk music & culture.



Annual Day Celebration 2015-16

The 11th Annual Day celebrations-‘KALASAAGAR’ continued on the second day, themed on the journey of LIFE- from ‘the Old to the New Era’. The events of the evening commenced with a Prayer song by the tiny tots. The Chief Guest, Dr Padma Palvai, addressed the gathering and highlighted the importance of unbiased Parenting in shaping the future of a child. The Chairman, Sri S J Reddy thanked the stakeholders for their untiring support in taking the school to its zenith. The students of Prep, 1,2 & 3 unfurled the journey of LIFE, through spectacular performances. The theme was steered seamlessly, highlighting the fact that although the depiction of emotions through the stages of life have undergone a change from the Retro era to the Modern one, but the underlying values remain the same. The effervescent rollicks of the students culminated in an exuberant grand finale, which mesmerised the audience.