Salient Features

KENNEDY HIGH the global school practices effective pedagogy by incorporating an array of teaching strategies that support intellectual engagement, appreciate innovative ideas, and pave way for enhancement of existing aptitudes and learning of new skills.

The following regional and national competitions are incorporated into the academic calendar to allow students to test their mettle against their peers.

  • Sakshi India Competitions-Spelling, Math, Geo
  • NSTSE—Science, Mathematics, and English
  • UCO-Mathematics, Computer Applications, and Reasoning Skills
  • Eduranet Intellectual Olympiads—Personality Development, Writing, Logical, and Analytical Skills
  • CBSE Math and Science Olympiads
  • Science Olympiad Foundation Olympiads-Math and Science

Integrated Foundation:

KENNEDY HIGH the global school is always geared up to equip the students for a successful career. One such initiative is Integrated Foundation. There are different criteria available to students to opt for and each of these curricula has its distinct features which makes it unique.

If a student opts for a particular curriculum, he may generally have to miss the advantages of the other. Therefore we have designed a curriculum in core subjects, Mathematics and Science by striking a balance between the different frames of study. We have incorporated the features which are essential for giving the student a right foundation with conceptual clarity and analytical approach to face the competitive examinations with confidence.

The objective of this course is to make the students understand and master basic concepts in the subjects of Mathematics and Science. The focus is on encouraging students to apply these concepts in real-life situations. The Integrated Foundation Programme helps them to develop the acumen which will give them a distinctive advantage when appearing for various talent search exams like NTSE, NSTSE, Science Olympiad and Cyber Olympiad and competitive examinations like IIT JEE. We also have made the preparation for IIT-JEE a built in feature for all our Senior Secondary Class students.

The students of our integrated foundation learn many concepts that are highly complex in nature, ahead of the regular academic schedule. Their critical thinking and problem solving skills are honed to perfection during this training.

We have earmarked separate periods in our schedules and we are offering “Integrated Foundation” to the students by conducting an Aptitude Test. Printed study material, periodical tests and experienced teaching faculty are the key features of the Programme. All this is done in a stress free environment, definitely not at the expense of activities which are essential for holistic development of a child.


On the basis of performance in assessments / assignments and exams the following prizes or certificates will be awarded to students.

Academic Excellence
Proficiency Certificates Will be awarded subject wise to the students who have secured ‘A1’ Grade throughout the year
Scholar’s Badge Will be awarded to the students who have secured ‘A1’ Grade in individual subjects and in aggregate.
Scholar’s Memento Will be awarded to the students who have received scholar badge for three consecutive years.
Merit Awards for

Class X & XII Students

As part of our effort to appreciate the dedicated efforts of our Class X & XII students and their excellent performance in the CBSE Board Examinations, we felicitate the meritorious students with cash awards.

General Awards

  • Best All Rounder
  • Best Disciplined and Well-Mannered Child
  • Highest or 100% Attendance
  • Exceptional Talent in Co-curricular Activities

Multi-disciplinary Exposure to discover and groom latent skills


The school’s website serves as a portal for dissemination of information about the school, the events and programs that are conducted on the campus. The website also serves as a notice board, giving information about admission and related schedules.

Parents will be able to login using the unique password provided by us and browse the website for information like their ward’s progress, newsletters and school calendar.