Chairman Message

KENNEDY HIGH the global school was instituted in the year 2005, driven by the passion of creating a stress-free learning environment where youngsters could be mentored to think critically and creatively, and to instill a sense of social responsibility and infuse basic moral consciousness among its students that would influence success in life.
At KENNEDY HIGH the global school, our vision and mission go hand in hand towards developing a holistic model of education that transcends the pressures of clichéd school policies.
We have successfully embraced and introduced the technological tools of education into our classrooms, which have reshaped the way students learn and interpret various concepts.
Our global ideology is substantiated by the International School Award, the Best School in India Award, Rio+21 United Nations Water Conservation Award, the prestigious School Sanitation Award, and Vivekananda School of Excellence Award. These are a testament to our multidimensional, innovative, and pragmatic approach to teaching.
The school has succeeded in grooming well-rounded personalities; students who have the physical, emotional and intellectual balance to succeed in their academic pursuits, are mentally agile, socially committed, and maintain high standards of accountability and responsibility in their personal lives.
Sri. S.J Reddy