Residential School

Kennedy Global is one of the best residential schools in Hyderabad offering the best Hostel facilities. The hostel is an extension of home for many students. It is a unique place for developing a sense of responsibility, independence, and accountability. Here, students develop their own style of studying and living. KENNEDY GLOBAL provides different opportunities to instill self confidence, independent thinking, organizing one’s own self and the spirit of brotherhood. The school caters to the diversified needs of students.

City Residential Students

Students are taken care in the hostel and have an option of going home once in a month on a specified weekend.

Best school for Residential Students

We have students from different parts of the state and also from several other states of the country. We have students of foreign origin mostly from Middle East, Europe and the U.S.A.


There are separate wings for boys and girls respectively. Each wing has dormitories and each dorm has a house master for boys and house mother for girls. Attached baths and restrooms are provided in every dorm with 24-hour supply of hot water from the solar water heaters that are installed in the school premises in addition to stand-by boilers. The dormitories are completely air conditioned and each dorm has 14 beds. The dorm in-charge functions as a facilitator and looks after the requirements of the boarders. The boarders in these dorms have individual wardrobes and book shelves. The cozy dormitories create a lively environment and enrich the quality of boarding life. The hostel is also equipped with a fully automated laundry. Our residential facilities are designed to offer utmost comfort to the students.