Security System

KENNEDY HIGH the global school is a safe school. Apart from the round-the clock check by teaching and non-teaching staff, we have the close circuit cameras as backup. These CCTV cameras are installed at all the strategic places throughout the school campus and hostel for closer monitoring and accountability.
A safe and secure environment is a matter of paramount concern for KENNEDY GLOBAL. School’s primary objective is a stress-free and safe environment. Our focus is on complete safety – structural safety, fire safety, lab safety, water safety, food safety and electrical safety.
The school employs a premier security agency to take care of the primary security issues. The security guards are on 24-hour duty at the gate, Hostel Block and Academic Block. Every visitor is required to sign in the School’s Visitors book at the gate and pass through the metal detector. Visitors are given a visitor pass which they must carry while on the school premises. Children are not allowed to leave the campus except in their designated transport vehicle after school hours. While on the grounds as well, the children are supervised at all times. CCTV cameras are placed all through the school premises at strategic locations to ensure complete transparency and safety for students.