Student Corner

Today’s Youth Tomorrow’s Entrepreneurs

“Today’s Youth Tomorrow’s Entrepreneurs” On the 4th of august 2016, we the students of IG-1 to AS Level attended the TiE Young Entrepreneurs Seminar organized by TiE, Hyderabad at Hotel Lemon Tree. It gave us youngsters a brief idea on entrepreneurship and the support to be rendered by TiE with creative ideas to start up their own business. TiE gives teenagers a great opportunity to explore their hidden talent and encourages entrepreneurial mindset from early age and also provides insight into entrepreneurship. The seminar widened the horizon of our creative minds. AKSHITA PENMETSA CIE AS Level

Today’s Youth Tomorrow’s Entrepreneurs

“Today’s Youth Tomorrow’s Entrepreneurs” You can implement your own ideas and invent simple products. We the students of KENNEDY HIGH the global school were fortunate to attend a workshop on 4th August, 2016 at Hotel Lemon Tree, Hi-tech city on the topic entrepreneurship for the young entrepreneurs conducted by TiE Hyderabad. The event started with a grand opening and a breath taking speech by Mr. Suresh Challa president of TiE Hyderabad. Mr. Rajiv Sharma, IAS, Chief-Secretary of Telangana was invited to grace this occasion. The programe’s mission was to accomplish and inculcate entrepreneurship in order to make young India future global leaders. It injected leadership skills, creativity and self confidence in us. Stars of hopes lit the viewer’s hearts about their future journey. Thank you. Karthi Keya of X-E(CBSE)

Anushka Moharana of class VI-I

A World in History: The students of classes 5 and 6 of KENNEDY HIGH the global school had been to Salar Jung museum as a part of an Educational trip on Wednesday, the 27th January, 2016. A museum is a place where history is preserved. This museum was built in the year 1963 and was named after a great king ‘Salar Jung’. It is one of the oldest museums in Hyderabad. The visual delight and information enlightened us in many ways. There were different sections such as the porclain gallery, arms and armours, etc. We visited all the sections and we also gathered to see the musical clock. It took us approximately 2 hours to go around the museum. We had our lunch in the garden of the museum. We enjoyed the journey by singing, playing, talking and eating. We were back to school by 2:30 p.m. Although it was a tiring journey, it was truly inspirational as we gained knowledge about our rich culture and heritage. – Anushka Moharana of class VI-I

Tarun Kulkarni of class V-C

Educational Trip to the Salar Jung Museum: On 27th January, 2016, our teachers took us for an Educational Trip to the Salar Jung Museum located on the Southern bank of the Musi river in the city of Hyderabad and one of the three national museums of India. It had a collection of sculptures, paintings, carving, textiles, manuscripts, ceramics metallic artifacts, carpets, clocks and furniture. The museum’s collection was sourced from the property of the Salar Jung family. Apart from galleries, there was a reference library, reading room, sales counter, cafeteria etc., A visual delight was the musical clock in Salar Jung. It was a huge clock in which a tiny soldier come out to strike a gong every hour. Then, I had my lunch along with my friends and came back home. It was indeed a wonderful trip. I thoroughly enjoyed it. – Tarun Kulkarni of class V-C

Daddy’s Little Girl

Poem written by Poojitha Yadav of Grade 8, Cambridge wing.