Drawing Contest for Classes 5-10: “Personal Hygiene”

  1. The participants are advised to keep their file to be uploaded ready before filling up the online form.
  2. The dimension of the drawing paper used should be of A4 size. The drawing has to be made in landscape mode and using coloured pencil/ pencil crayon only (watercolor drawings are not allowed). The participating student has to write his/her name and the name of his/her school (in upper case) on the top right corner of the A4 sheet.
  3. The document must be a pdf document. No other form of document will be accepted. The document size should be < 2MB.
  4. Please provide your correct email id in the online form. You will receive an acknowledgement mail with a registration number once submission is complete.
  5. The submission is to be completed on or before 4pm, 08 July 2020.
  6. Students are instructed to use their own ideas. The content of the drawing should be based on student’s own ideas. The genuineness of the drawing is the complete responsibility of the participating students and their school. INCOIS will not be held responsible for any consequences arriving otherwise.
  7. The drawings submitted here will be under the license type CC BY as given in (
  8. Final decision regarding all the aspects of this competition including rules, regulations and results rest only with the INCOIS.