TCSion IntellGem

TCSionIntelligem, a venture by TATA is a unique aptitude contest to create an understanding and appreciation of the various 21st Century competency in UNIVERSAL VALUES,GLOBAL CITIZENSHIP,FINANCIAL LITERACY,CREATIVITY &INNOVATION AND COMMUNICATION SKILLS. Around Eight out of the 300 students from classes 5 to 9 of our school who opted for topics of their choice in the online test conducted, went on to qualify for the Pre finals and received a GIFT VOUCHER of 1000 rupees each from TATA CROMA. Three students Adyasha Acharya of VIII I, Piprishu Dash of IX I and Akhil Budithiof IX I qualified for the Finals held at Mumbai on 24,25 &26 January 2020. It was an enriching experience for the students to be a part of Financial Literacy Quiz at Mumbai with the famous Quizmaster “PickbrainGiri”.It was a proud moment for them to be among the Top 50 out of around 10000 participants from across India.They received a cheque of 25000 rupees each and Goodies worth 10000 along with the Silver Medals and Certificates of Merit.

TCS iON IntelliGem 2019-20 National Grand Finale Results

List of qualified students for the National Grand Finale of TCSiON IntelliGem 2019-20

S.NO.Student NameClassSecTopic of Exam
2AKHIL BUDITHIIXIFinancial Literacy
3PIPRISHU DASHIXIFinancial Literacy

TCS iON IntelliGem 2019-20 Results

List of qualified students for the Pre-finals of TCSiON IntelliGem

S.NO.Student NameClassSecTopic of ExamResult
1AKSHITA P.SVIIIGlobal CitizenshipQualified for the Pre-Finals
2JOSHITA LAMVIIIDUniversal ValuesQualified for the Pre-Finals
3VEERA VENKATA SAI KARTIK PETTUGANIVIIIFGlobal CitizenshipQualified for the Pre-Finals
4NANDA MVIIIIGlobal CitizenshipQualified for the Pre-Finals
5SARANGAN SRINIVASANVIIIIGlobal CitizenshipQualified for the Pre-Finals
6ADYASHA ACHARYAVIIIIFinancial LiteracyQualified directly for the Grand Finale
VIIIIGlobal CitizenshipQualified for the Pre-Finals
7PRAGYA KAPOORIXICreativity and InnovationQualified for the Pre-Finals
IXICommunication SkillsQualified for the Pre-Finals
8AKHIL BUDITHIIXIFinancial LiteracyQualification pending, Personal Interview planned
9PIPRISHU DASHIXIFinancial LiteracyQualified directly for the Grand Finale
10SHRUJAL PATALASINGHIXIFinancial LiteracyQualification pending, Personal Interview planned

Intelligm-TCSion Finance Olympiad

TCSion IntelliGem Financial Literacy powered by Tata Trusts and NSE Academy was an initiative to promote Financial Literacy among students to make them familiar with useful concepts of Finance and Economics. 124 students from our school registered and participated in the preliminary round of the Financial Literacy Quiz held at our school. Of this, 107 qualified for the online test in the second round held at Alwal, Hyderabad. 18 of our students received Bronze medals and certificates of distinction for their commendable performance in the second round. 4 students Sumanth Reddy Mudiyala of class IX, Shikhar Sinha of class IX, Suvam Mishra of class VII, Mohammed Sirajuddin of class VIII qualified for the finals held at Mumbai on 25 and 26 January, 2019. It was an enriching experience for our students there to be quizzed by the famous Quiz master of India ‘PickbrainGiri’. The qualifiers received a cheque of Rs. 25,000/- and goodies worth Rs. 10,000 along with Silver medals and certificates for their participation in Mumbai. All the other students were given participation certificates and certificates of excellence respectively.